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The Call.

God birthed a deep desire in my heart to completely fall in love with Him and to raise up other believers who will live this kind of life. Intimacy with Him is going to be key in these last days to preserve us from deception and to reveal us on earth as His Sons and daughters. This started a life journey for me as the Lord showed me what He meant by falling in love with Him. It goes beyond rhetoric and requires a change in lifestlye as believers learn to live a life of encountering Jesus. It changes everything when you decide to completely surrender yourself in a desire to fall in love with God. Even though love means different things to different believers, I am talking of a love that seeks to stay engaged with God at the heart level all the time. Which is why I believe God placed this call on my life to understand and try to search out His heart on how this great, and wonderful God desires to be loved by his creation-mankind. It sounds simple and the majority of us Christians believe that we truly love God, and in our own way we do, but I am fascinated by the Enoch-kind of love that God himself could not stay away from Enoch and translated him, so they could be together. Is that possible for us? Has this love been modeled for us in our past and present generations? Who else has learnt to love God the way Enoch loved God? How can our future be influenced if we become a people filled with this love? I really believe that our triune God desires such a love from His people and He is not receiving the kind of love that gladdens His heart. Join me on this journey through the ministry of Supernatural School International (SSI) TV as we together are raised up as a generation of belivers who are set apart to pursue God in intimacy.

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