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Healing Rooms



Welcome to the Healing Rooms operated by Supernatural School International.  We invite believers and non-believers in Christ Jesus who are afflicted with diseases to get in touch with us for online prayer or walk into one of our Healing Rooms.  We know that it is God's desire and will for you to be completely healed.  You will be equipped to not only receive your healing but to live in divine health.  We believe nothing is impossible with God and when the afflicted are trained to understand God's nature,  ways, promises and how to receive them, they become empowered to live in divine health of both their body and soul.




If you need prayer, get in touch with us via WhatsApp for Live prayer or come to our Healing Rooms in Swindon.  





Video Platforms:


    SKYPE: Supernatural School International

    WHATSAPP:+44 7714 846549




For those interested in maintaining divine health, the SSI Healing Rooms training course is delivered on-site in Swindon at the Swindon New Town Parish, St Aldhelm's Centre, Edgeware Road, SN1 1QS.   Register your interest to receive the next training dates. 


Register now for the next Healing Rooms training session and secure your place early.  Attendance is free. Course materials can be purchased at the start of every course.  This course will also be available online soon - please register your interest if you would like to receive it online.



We would also like to invite those interested in ministering in the Healing Rooms to register.  You will undergo intensive training to equip you to step out in faith and minister to people in need of emotional or physical healing.


Healing Rooms

In the name of Jesus...

SSI TV transmits content intended to uplift, encourage and assist viewers. We can only offer general information and this should not be treated as a substitute where specific counseling, professional advice, and medical consultation is required. Thus we cannot provide any fixed warranties with regard to representations made on air or online concerning divine healing or spiritual blessings. Where viewers feel they have received changes to their physical condition we advise that these be verified by qualified medical personnel before any adjustments are made to medication, treatment etc.

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