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Engaging the Heavenly Realm

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This course trains you to walk in intimacy with God and the result is that you become a habitation of His presence. This is a call to unbroken fellowship with the Lord as you leave the shallow waters of religion and by faith go into the deeper waters of intimacy - the path less traveled. If you're ready to interact with the heavenly realm as a child of God then the first step involves understanding what it is and how we can interact with it through Christ Jesus, who is our doorway. This course trains you to hear the voice of God for yourself and your family and it trains you how to see in the spirit, beholding the Lord so you are changed into His image. Your spiritual senses will be trained to be sensitive to the Lord Jesus Christ. You will experience what it means to be in the spirit and how to position yourself to not only experience His presence but become a carrier of His presence.

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